Dr. Anand Sinha

Dr. Anand Sinha

About me

For the past 10+ years, I have resolved to long term wellness of my patients. I like to synergize my medical expertise with highest quality patient-centric care and latest medical techniques at our hospital to give my patients nothing but the “best”.

I am committed to providing one on one care, I use my extensive work experience and knowledge to develop individualized treatment plans, broaden my patients’ understanding of fitness and health. Patients who come to me develop a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Medical expertise

Acute Care Medicine | Allergy treatment | Auto immune disorders management | Chronic disease management | Diabetes treatment | Infectious disease management | Hypertension management | Lifestyle disorders | Preventive care | Obesity management


Dr. Anand Sinha
M.B.B.S. (Hons).     M.D. (Medicine)

What I'd like to tell my patients

Driven by a holistic approach towards my patients’ treatment, I usually have insightful talks with them on fitness and lifestyle issues.
I emphasize “Prevention is better than cure”. I focus on early detection and management of lifestyle related diseases like metabolic syndrome, obesity and chronic ailments. When you come to see me, you won’t just get the best medical treatment but a holistic approach which will change your life for the better.